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Do You Choose of Profession of the Future? Seek out a Higher Education in Specialty: ELECTRONICS (171)
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Do You Choose of Profession of the Future?

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Today we are surrounded by the world of electronics. It is hard to even imagine ourselves today without the electronic devices, gadgets, installations, cars and other vehicles that surround us in our everyday life. Along with this, all this electronics is waiting for you, that is, those who will use it, maintain it, manufacture it, modernize it, simply make new «know-how».

— Our grandfathers were interested in radio receivers and even the first light bulbs
— Our dads were very surprised by the first calculators and computers, the first telephones and nuclear power plants;
— Today, you and I are surprised by smart electric cars, electric motorcycles, gyroboards, quadcopters, smart robots;
— Yes, the specialties of our department are very similar, because we give our students the most cutting-edge competences, the most necessary for modern life.

The main purpose of the course

Ensuring highly qualified specialists who are competitive on labor market and possess general and professional competencies in the field of electronics and computer diagnostics of cars. The main advantage of the bachelor’s program is the orientation towards the formation of the broadest possible scientific and technical outlook of the future specialist. The program is balanced with regard to the socio-humanitarian, fundamental and professional training components and contains a sufficient selective training component by specialization.

Come to us to study and describe exactly this in your graduate work, you will have the opportunity to tell about your ideas to the whole of Ukraine, and not only. Our students also take part in international conferences. Be assured, our professors will be happy to share their experience and knowledge.

Employment demand:

Engineer in the field of electronics and telecommunications


Engineer for diagnosing the technical condition of cars


Engineer for the organization of operation and repair

(electronics and electrical engineering)

Engineer for the application of computers and microcomputer systems


Master of complex automation and telemechanics


Master of repairing the electrical equipment of cars


The opportunity to continue studying under the educational and professional program of the master’s degree in the specialty 171 — Electronics

This program is designed to develop the professional and creative abilities of students to master the methodology of scientific activity and prepare them to solve problems in the field of electronics and telecommunications.


Professionals in the electronics and telecommunications field


Professionals in other fields of engineering


Professionals in the electrical engineering field


Heads of production units in industry

Project and program managers

Teachers at universities

Teachers at secondary schools

Study periods:

On the basis of complete general secondary education — 3 years and 10 months;

On the basis of the «Junior Bachelor» degree of general secondary education — 1 year 10 months;

On the basis of the «bachelor» degree for obtaining the second (master’s) level — 1 year 4 months;

There is an option to recognize and re-enroll credits received within previous education. For more information about this, contact the admissions committee of the university.

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