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Do You Choose of Profession of the Future? Seek out a Higher Education in Specialty: EDUCATIONAL, PEDAGOGICAL SCIENCES (011)
State University of Intelligent Technologies and Telecommunications

Do You Choose of Profession of the Future?

Seek out a Higher Education in Specialty:

Educational, pedagogical sciences (011)

The purpose

The purpose of educational – professional program – is to prepare highly qualified teachers of higher education institutions for effective pedagogical, educational, scientific-methodical, and organizational-management activities in the higher education system.


Educational qualification — Master of educational, pedagogical sciences. Individuals who have obtained a bachelor’s degree can apply for a master’s degree. There are no special requirements for the educational results of entrants. The advantage of the program is that persons with a specialist or master’s degree in any field can also enter the master’s program.

Employment opportunity:

A master of science in education with the qualification of a teacher higher school is suitable for work in higher education institutions of various levels of accreditation and forms of ownership; scientific and pedagogical institutions; professional development institutions; institutions of postgraduate education. Organizational and educational-methodical provision of master’s training meets modern requirements for training specialists in the relevant specialty, socio-economic requirements of the labor market and has a high scientific and educational-methodical level.

The practice base is the State university of intellectual technologies and communication (department of Standardization, conformity assessment and educational measurements). The content of assistant and pre-diploma practices is determined by the program; term and procedure of conducting — according to the curriculum.

Terms of study:
According to the state order and on the terms of payment for studies
Entrance exams:
1) Professional exam.

2) SEE foreign language certificate or foreign language exam (only on the basis of a specialist/master’s diploma for non-budget tenders).

The educational result of training is the updating of theoretical and practical knowledge of teachers, which is due to the increase in requirements for their qualification level and the need to master modern methods of solving professional tasks in the higher education system.

Education is carried out in two forms: full-time and part-time; its total term is 1 year and 4 months.

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